Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bodge It Quick Blog Links


Bodge It Quick Rep Strap Bertha Project

Inspired by HydraRaptor this Blog is my attempt at creating a RepStrap machine this is based on the RepStrap sub-project to build a RepRap machine without owning a working RepRap.

Bodge It Quick Rep Strap Darwin Project

My personal documented history of building a Rep Strap Darwin, meaning a Darwin Built without any Rep Rap Parts. Built in the UK with the aim to maintain a minimal cost of parts. This Blog will detail all of the drawings required, price of parts and the suppliers used in the project. Providing any additional information and experiences during construction.

Bodge It Quick Tools Blog

The Bodge It Quick Tools Blog provides details of the tools bought and used for the various Bodge it Quick Projects.

Bodge It Quick Passive Solar Projects

The project aim is to reduce the cost of Electricity and the use of gas for heating the domestic water with minimum instalation costs and maximum returns for the price paid.

Bodge It Quick DIY Rep Strap Project

A UK version of the McWire Cartesian Bot v1.2 UK.
With all of the structural parts parts sourced from www.DIY.com detailing all of the slight changes that need to be made to do this.

BodgeItQuick DIY Modular Flat Pack Home Office

Building the 24' x 12' Solar powererd Shed Project. Aiming for the total materials build cost to be < £1000. excluding Solar pannels and internal fixtures. Except for the 60 Kitchen end plates to be used as shelf bought from B&Q at 10p each and 25 pairs of Glass shelf supports at 50p each. Every thing will be at regular prices. The aim is to build using 8 x 4 sheeting bolted together in a modular form using coach bolts. Thus alowing for expansion / alteration.. Bodge It Quick Good Life Project

The project aim is to become as self sustainable as possible in the shortest possible time.

Bodge It Quick Big Bertha Project

The project aim is to Build a 4' by 2' CNC machine to cut and rout all kinds of new project parts.

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